Rob Christie, Alex Grioni and Andy Niven on being the Orderly Chaos Department of South China Diving Club - Surface Time with Stephanie

Episode 5

Rob Christie, Alex Grioni and Andy Niven on being the Orderly Chaos Department of South China Diving Club

During the Surface Time today, I Skyped with the Dynamic Trio from South China Diving Club in Hong Kong. Rob Christie, Alex Grioni and Andy Niven.

All four of us shared a special memorable dive trip to Timor Leste back in 2010. All of them have returned for a second visit. It just felt right to reminisce the trip and hear their stories on their returned-visit to that country.

Just a quick caveat ā€“ these 3 have known each other for a long time, counting by decades. So when an American, an Italian and a Scot are in the same room, we will call that the Orderly Chaos Department. Feel free to pause and pour yourself a glass of vin before you continue listening to their stories.

Behind all the banters, their friendships have been forged and deepened over the years through their shared passion for scuba diving and the engagements in the club, from running the training to leading dives. And naturally, socialising with one another on their weekly Thursday club nights.

The club has been and still is a delightful place to meet other like-minded people. If you live in Hong Kong or are visiting Hong Kong and want to meet them, just go to Aberdeen Boat Club (that is the building right next to Aberdeen Marina Club) on a Thursday night. You will definitely be greeted and welcomed warmly by the club members. Go and connect with them.

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