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Episode 4

S3 Ep3: Jonny Ma on being a Lifelong Learner

During the Surface Time today, I sat down with my friend Jonny Ma who was visiting Singapore, en route to London. We first met through Project X Team where we did all sorts of adventurous activities like rock climbing and scuba diving. Over the years, we kind of adopt one another as the “unofficial” extended family members. This is one of the occasions where we get to have this “sibling-like” chats about life in general. But first, we need to set the tone clear on one thing...

By the way, if you happen to be one of his students and find that he swears a lot, just put this down as your privilege of getting to see the fuller version of Jonny, which only shows up when he is in a comfortable and non-judgmental company. You may find him even more relatable.

Joking aside, I really love when Jonny highlighted that rock climbing and continue to doing it has been a positive and profound life experience for him. I could relate to that both in rock climbing and scuba diving, even though between the two, I would pick scuba diving first.

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