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Episode 5

S2 Ep4: Natasha Grabner learning life skills through fun

During the Surface Time today, I managed to Skype in with Natasha Grabner. She was my first junior scuba diver student. When I certified her, she just turned 10. 5 years on, she has had accumulated enough diving experiences than many adult divers in their life time. Like her father once described her fondly: this girl has more balls than the boys in her class.

To date, my youngest guest on the show. It was clear that we could be having a marine biologist and a renown underwater documentariste in the making, assuming the role as an influencer raising awareness constructively through photography, scuba diving and her passion for ocean waters.

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Hello, I am a certified NAUI Instructor. My intention to produce "Surface Time - Confessions of a Diving Junkie" is partly to raise awareness of serious matters like climate change, sustainable living and marine conservation through fun, interesting and entertaining stories.

It is also my intention that through these dialogues, you will get new inspirations and perspective about life. Hopefully, you will make the changes for yourself.

I teach scuba in private class set up (i.e. no more than 2 students at a time), for new diver and for advanced divers looking to progress further. To me, it is important to anchor good diving practice and mindset in your core system.

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