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Episode 6

S2 Ep5: Gary Tyson on being a hustler in life

During the Surface Time today, I spoke with Gary Tyson, a British Army veteran turned chronic diving junkie. He called himself a hustler in life as he experiments different ways of making photos and videos. Land and underwater. And more importantly, finding ways to fund his love for travels and gadgets. When you hear him explaining why shooting a wedding is more stressful than shooting in Iraq, you may find “being a hustler in life” is an understatement.

Gary has found scuba diving to be the best solution for him to satisfy his OCD, his passion for photography, his gift for teaching and his addiction to the ocean water. If you are planning a scuba diving trip in the Philippines, do look him up. There is no doubt that he would be utterly useless in translating Tagalog. Luckily, his gold standard diving practice and may be charm should make up for it.

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