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Episode 7

S4 Ep7: Flora Camiros, Michiko Fusato & Sherrie Garcia being Lady Pirate Divers

Recently, I went diving in Coron, Philippines. This place is famous for wreck diving where you get to explore some Japanese ships that were sunk by US Task Force during World War II in 1944.

We dived with Pirate Divers for a week. I think on the second or third day after we finished diving for the day and on the way back to the resort, the lady crew members of Pirate Divers – Michiko and Sherrie - were making some concoction that is made mostly with Tanduay, Filipino national pride rum.

Our DM Flora Camiros told me that they are making jungle juice. Then handed me a cup to try.

After a few more rounds of jungle juice, I told them about Surface Time and asked if they would take part in Women who Scuba series. So after we wrapped up our last dive, we went to Black Island for BBQ…and this time some Jungle Juice made with Filipino Gin.

This was an impromptu recording with Flora Camiros, Michiko Fusato and Sherrie Garcia from Pirate Divers on the beach of Black Island. By impromptu, all I had was my iPhone and the Voice Memo app and hope that the software will edit out some background noise.

I love that they were spontaneous and generous in sharing their stories. We definitely have 3 intelligent women. Each holds a deep well of inner strength, resilience and big heart. Driven by their own passion. They are distinctively different from each other; yet we can find them relatable. And it further validates the beauty of having scuba diving as the common language.

Speaking of spontaneity, have you ever acted on an impulse? What did you do when you were last being spontaneous? What did you gain or lose for being spontaneous?

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