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Episode 8

S4 Ep8: Adriana Basques on Creating Transferrable Life Experiences

Adriana Basques, a corporate executive turned wildlife photographer. She has been using her camera to document moments of her encounters of beautiful creatures both on land and underwater. In fact, her photography specialty is split landscape photo – where top part is the land and bottom part is underwater. This allows her to share with everyone the wonders and beauties of this fragile blue planet. Through her work, she gives people a greater understanding and appreciation for the conservation.

Perhaps it’s her Brazilian gene plus many other charms. Her passion for life is highly contagious. She is living her life fully and creating transferrable life experiences.

A passionate campaigner in raising conservation awareness through her photography and teasing everyone’s curiosity with the wonders and beauties of this blue planet. And as a passionate advocate and mentor for women empowerment, she is influencing the new standard of behaviour, inside and outside the corporate world.

On the note of women leadership, I have observed that the mentality has been shifting constructively. There is still a huge gap to close. And to narrow or even close this gap, it is down to each of us to raise the quality of our own self-awareness, self-confidence and self-compassion.  This is part of the journey of creating transferrable life experiences. So what would you say to these questions:

“What moves me?”
“What drives me?”

From there, you should be able to start connecting the dots from the past to present and from present to future.

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