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Series 3 is all about the Power of Human Connections

Hello. I am Stephanie Luo. Welcome to "Surface Time : Confessions of a Diving Junkie", Series 3.

In producing this passion project, one of the motivations that have kept my enthusiasm going is the ongoing effort to express and articulate “why it is so easy to open up and make friends with other scuba divers?”.

It is a fact that our need to connect with others is fundamental to our well-being, be it with people, animals, nature and even the supernatural beings (in whatever terms that you prefer to call such as god, angels, spirit or Universe).

In Series 3, what immediately stands out as a common theme is the “power of human connection”. When we travel, we connect with people, whether it is a brief shared moment or whether it is the beginning of a long-term relationship or to deepen a relationship. When we connect, it means that we choose to trust them, with or without reservations. The amazing part is that we are all travellers from different parts of the world and yet we are all about seeking new experiences, learning new things, meeting new people and exchanging positive energy with our stories. When we walk away, we do get inspired one way or another.

The extra specialness for scuba divers is that when scuba divers connect with one another, the bond would be formed immediately. This is because there are already some shared values and understandings derived from being under the water. This is the magical moment when we set aside our mental and emotional baggage and embrace collectively and individually as human.

In each episode, we will hear about the impact that has been created with the power of human connection.

With the annual festive celebrations, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, all are happening in the coming 6-7 weeks, it is the special time to connect with your loved ones, whether in person or by phone, to show some love and share enjoyable moments.

Tune in to each episode and let your curiosity and imaginations wonder along.

And it will be fab to show us some love by sharing Surface Time with your friends and family. I am certain that this podcast will be a great antidote to small talks and can be a nice ice-breaker or even a great conversation for your endless social gatherings.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy the Confessions. Ciao!

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Stephanie Luo

Hello, I am a certified NAUI Instructor. My intention to produce "Surface Time - Confessions of a Diving Junkie" is partly to raise awareness of serious matters like climate change, sustainable living and marine conservation through fun, interesting and entertaining stories.

It is also my intention that through these dialogues, you will get new inspirations and perspective about life. Hopefully, you will make the changes for yourself.

I teach scuba in private class set up (i.e. no more than 2 students at a time), for new diver and for advanced divers looking to progress further. To me, it is important to anchor good diving practice and mindset in your core system.

So, if you want to learn scuba diving or go diving with me, free to contact me.
Also drop me a message, if you want to share your stories on Surface Time.

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