Welcome to Series 2 - Following Your Heart - Surface Time with Stephanie

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Welcome to Series 2 - Following Your Heart

Hello. I am Stephanie Luo. Welcome to Series 2 of "Surface Time : Confessions of a Diving Junkie".

Series 1 was a complete whirlwind. It started with me sharing the idea of creating this passion project with a few close friends who happen to be scuba divers.

Somewhat half-heartedly at the time as I was not sure how to kick things off. Then within the following weeks, I found myself connecting with the old friends, making new acquaintances and starting to create the content. Everyone has been generous with their time, suggestions and supports. They literally gave me no room for self-doubt or even procrastination.

When you listen to each episode, you will find that scuba diving is always the starting point of dialogue. Beside that it is distinctively noticeable that perhaps because of the shared love for the underwater world, people are naturally very generous in sharing their stories and experiences.

Poetically, we could call each episode a love letter to life and conscious living. Even if you're not a scuba diver, you could still somehow relate to or resonate with the stories and life philosophies. I have also noticed that each series shares a subtle common theme, piecing all episodes together. In Series 2, that common theme is "Following Your Heart". In essence my guests were sharing their own version of "Following Your Heart".

Like Kay Burn Lim, in the space of a decade, he has evolved from a non-diving related business owner to an award-winning cinematographer.

Emma Dabbadie, a Marine biologist, who has dreamt for a long time to get on Tara, a floating research laboratory, to do more scientific research on microbiomes.

For Gary Stokes of OceansAsia, his heart has led him to adopt "Aggressive non-violence" approach to raise awareness and save the environment.

The future generation leader, Natasha Grabner, at the tender age of 15 has already set her mind on "work should be fun".

Gary Tyson who used to be a land-based professional photographer has now taken his creativity into the underwater world.

Tune in to hear their stories in full.

Let their stories tickle your curiosity and imaginations. Be inspired to live your life with courage, love, and joy.

And it will be fab to show us some love by sharing Surface Time with your friends and family, and even your worst enemy, if you have one. Just to soften them up.

And thank you for listening. Enjoy the Confessions. Ciao!


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Stephanie Luo

Hello, I am a certified NAUI Instructor. My intention to produce "Surface Time - Confessions of a Diving Junkie" is partly to raise awareness of serious matters like climate change, sustainable living and marine conservation through fun, interesting and entertaining stories.

It is also my intention that through these dialogues, you will get new inspirations and perspective about life. Hopefully, you will make the changes for yourself.

I teach scuba in private class set up (i.e. no more than 2 students at a time), for new diver and for advanced divers looking to progress further. To me, it is important to anchor good diving practice and mindset in your core system.

So, if you want to learn scuba diving or go diving with me, free to contact me.
Also drop me a message, if you want to share your stories on Surface Time.

Email: Faith@surfacetimechats.com
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