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Episode 2

S4 Ep2: Bei Zhou on Money & Investment

Since money and investment are the two words naturally connected to her profession as a private banker, it is inevitable that we chatted at length about them.

The word “investment” tends to be given a meaning limited monetary terms. When we talk about returns of investment, it tends to be the penny-for-penny calculation on the growth.

If we take a step back and look at a bigger picture, it is important to take into account of the “impact” that the original capital has created.

Say, you are the CEO of the company. When you decide to spend money and time to enhance your physical health and mental wellbeing, you would be able to lead your company more effectively. This is because you have the physical and mental capacity to be present and, therefore, make the sound decisions all the time.

It is fair to make the bold statement that the best investment you can make is on yourself. What have you been investing in yourself lately? What will you invest in yourself next?

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